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These are random quotes/conversations between Doumyouji and Makino. :D Refresh the page to get new ones. :)

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A note is sprawed in the blackboard about Tsukushi having had two abortions. She confronts the F4, who actually didn't have anything to do with it...
Tsukushi: How could I have had an abortion, you morons?!
Tsukushi: I'm still a virgin!
(Makino runs away, the F4 are speechless.)
Akira: ...What was that all about?
Sojiro: Meaning unclear.
Tsukasa: (She specifically came here to tell me she's a virgin.)
Tsukasa: (She's saying she belongs to no one.)
Tsukasa: (She wanted me to know that.)
Tsukasa: Perhaps... she's offering her virginity to me.

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