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Skin featuring Doumyouji and Makino sitting in front of a stream. Scenes from the Live Action Hana Yori Dango featuring Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun. Skin featuring Doumyouji and Makino. Skin featuring Doumyouji's and Makino's silhouettes. Makino and Doumyouji kissing.

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Volume 01, Chapter 02

Endou Makiko, happy and hurried, falls down the stairs and lands on her butt... and her foot on someone's face.

Makiko called for Tsukushi to help her, but Tsukushi was frozen on the spot... because the person Makiko landed on was none other than Domyoji Tsukasa: the leader of the F4.

Tsukasa was irate, and Makiko was crying and apologizing profusely, which Tsukasa ignored. Tsukushi came forward and spoke up, about why not forgive her since she apologized? But Tsukasa belittled her show of friendship, and Tsukushi snapped. She insulted the F4...

...and found a red tag on her locker.

Makiko, going out of the classroom, saw her and the red tag, and scared, runs away. The F4, nearby, laughed and took bets on how long she'd last, in which Rui refused to participate in, saying that it didn't matter anyway.

Irate again, she rushed to the F4 and placed red tags on all their foreheads: her declaration of war.

The next morning, Tsukushi ate like a horse, to build up her strength, to the concern of her family. Upon getting to school, everyoe was staying away from her. She saw Tsukasa and Nishikado Sojiro from the F4, and she picked up a fighting stance, but they ignored her.

But when she got to her classroom, someone threw a raw egg at her, hitting her head and sticking to her hair. The rest of the class ridiculed her and told her to leave. The professor came in and told the class to take their seats, but Tsukushi discovered that hers wasn't there anymore -- and she had to petition for a new chair.

Upset and not wanting to cry in front of her classmates, she rushes again to the fire exit and sinks to her knees and bends over to have to cry. But Rui is there, and noncomittally said that something was in her hair, and asked if that was raw egg, or some sort of yolk hair conditioning treatment.

Enraged, Tsukushi yelled that it was their fault her classmates threw an egg at her, and if he was satisfied now. Rui laughed, saying that he was right, that she was the girl who comes out to the fire escape to yell out her frustrations. Tsukushi is flabbergasted, but Rui keeps laughing, and Tsukushi got confused why he was talking to her like that even though he was part of the F4... and she finds herself staring/admiring him.

Finding it a good chance to find out about the F4, Tsukushi asked Rui, but he told her that she couldn't find out information about the F4 from him, and that she was better off if she left the school as soon as possible. Tsukushi said that it wasn't possible, because they were poor, etc etc, and Rui ignored her and said he didn't care about that, that he wasn't interested in other people's problems.

Tsukushi rushed off again to go back to the classroom, finding it deserted, save for Makiko, who was sorry she had deserted Tsukushi and looked for her desk. But Tsukushi kindly told her to go, because Makino will only run into trouble if she's seen with herself.

At a nightclub that night, the F4 -- sans Rui -- were together and was bored: Mimasaka Akira asking if there wasn't anything else interesting these days. Sojiro volunteers Makino Tsukushi, and Akira agrees and says that when you look close enough, that she's kind of cute. Sojiro says that she reminds him of Tsukasa's older sister, who married a while ago; and Tsukasa, aghast, yelled for Sojiro not to say such disgusting things. Sojiro laughs and says that Tsukasa has a "sister complex", but Tsukasa rebuffs him and says that she is unparallelled and can't be compared to rabble... and Akira and Sojiro remember Tsukasa's sister, who used to bully Domyoji around in turn.

Tsukasa ignored them and started relishing booting out Tsukushi, saying that their "privacy" is on the line, to which Sojiro corrects him ("pride") and tells him to use foreign words correctly... xD

Tsukasa had his next move all set up... and it was this guy (with his friends) who pretended that Makino had placed a letter in his locker that she'd do anything only if he talked to her. Tsukushi ran away, but they caught her; but in the nick of time, Rui showed up and told the boys to let her go. The boys said that Tsukasa told them to do that, but Rui told them (again) to let her go. They ran away.

Tsukushi thanked Rui, but he told her not to get the wrong idea, that he just didn't like that sort of thing.

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