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Volume 01, Chapter 01

Makino Tsukushi walked to Eitoku Academy, a prestigious private school, where all the rich kids go, and met Endou Makiko, a student from the middle-class tier in society. Asai had bought a new Louis Vuitton bag and showed it off to them both, and Makiko promptly began to flatter her.

Tsukushi got irritated that Makiko feels that she should kiss up to the rich kids in their school, and Makiko noticed that she had started breathing heavily. Tsukushi waved this off and made a mental note to herself not to let her real personality show through.

The moment they got inside their classroom, however, they saw Kimoto, looking thin and gaunt and collecting his stuff to leave the school. His books fell off his desk and Tsukushi's first instinct was to help him, but Makiko stopped her: who knew what the F4 will to do her if she did? Because Kimoto had been driven away by the student body, after the F4 had red-tagged him after he defended a fellow student being bullied by the four-man group.

Still, the rest of Tsukushi's classmates, even though they feel sorry for Kimoto, were in awe of the F4, because they're gorgeous and rich; and they wouldn't lift a finger to help Kimoto. Tsukushi gets invited to a disco (where we find out the massive difference between her and her classmates ^_^) but she waves this off and exits the room, irate and troubled that her classmates can be so callous and talk about discos after a fellow classmate (once popular) had just been forced out of the school.

She got more and more worked up about the F4 as she went to the fire escape, and there, where no one is around, yelled out her anger and frustration at the F4, wishing that they die of overnutrition (XD). She felt better after yelling it, and leaves, but didn't see that there was another person seated on the fire escape.

During cleaning, she reflected on how she ended up at Eitoku: because of her mother's insistence. Taking out the trash, she came upon the F4 again bullying another student because the boy got dust on Domyoji Tsukasa's pants. Tsukasa got the boy to blow off the dust, and then kicked over Tsukushi's trash can and left. The rest of the F4 followed, but Hanazawa Rui (the one who saw Tsukushi yelling her lungs out at the fire escape) bent to straighten the trash can. He looked at Tsukushi and left -- and Tsukushi found herself blushing.

At her part-time job, she told her best friend Yuuki about what happened at Eitoku, who exasperated her because Yuuki was being star-struck, as there aren't any interesting guys like the F4 in her school. Yuuki asked about the origin of the name, and Tsukushi told her: the Flowery Foursome. Yuuki, however, was still in star-struck mode and thus prompted Tsukushi to say that they are just a bunch of dirty bastards. In disbelief, Yuuki asked if they were all like that, and Tsukushi remembers Hanazawa Rui and relents. Yuuki said that maybe that's the guy she likes, but Tsukushi has decided not to get involved with anyone at Eitoku, because she wanted to live her life without problems.

Yuuki reflected on the Tsukushi that was, however, and said that Tsukushi has never been one to sit back and just let people bully others, but went after the bullies; and that she was sad none of the people at Eitoku get to see her good points.

Tsukushi admitted to herself that she hated herself most of all, for not having the courage to talk to Kimoto, for being fake at Eitoku.

The next day, she came up to Makiko and invited her to walk to the next class together, and Makiko felt happy that it seems that Tsukushi thought of her as a friend, as Tsukushi has always been a kind of loner. Ecstatic, and late for the next class, Makiko fell down the stairs... and her foot landed on someone's face.

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