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TsukasaxTsukushi Goodies

These are various things/content/downloadables that are connected to Tsukasa and Tsukushi! Please select the subsection you wish to view on the column.

Livejournal Icons

These are various Tsukasa/Tsukushi icons designed for use in LJ, all made by myself. You may take them for personal use, but these may not be put up anywhere else.

Chapter/Episode Summaries

These are manga chapters/anime episode summaries for Hana Yori Dango. They're naturally spoiler-y.

Random Quote Generator

Random quotes from the manga :)

Screencap Gallery

This is a (huge!!) gallery of screencaps from the Japanese live action adaptation of Hana Yori Dango, Tsukasa- and/or Tsukushi-centered.

Screencap Download

Since I capped the whole episode as well, you can download the caps of the whole ep (not just Tsukasa and Tsukushi) from here. These caps are not meant to be placed at any other gallery!

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